Citizenville is Directionally Correct, the Messenger is an Old Fogie, Though

Local Government is non-ideological, because it is result oriented. Local government is the solution to the federal and provincial governments in the sense that leadership from that level of government aren’t bound by ideological restrictions. This is the first killer point from Newsom’s book Citizenville; How can we connect to […]

John Cleese On Humour

John Cleese On Humour: Humour is much more subjective. The rules of film comedy have changed because the market for films is completely shaped by the target audience NOT by the vision.  The internal logic must be maintained in any given sketch or else it doesn’t work….these are the kinds […]

John Cleese On Creativity

John Cleese on Creativity; What creativity isn’t; The close mode; The open mode; Getting into the open mode; Time; Avoiding rushed solutions; Confidence; Humour. John Cleese on Creativity: You need to study creativity in order to become creative. It isn’t innate, it’s learned. Studying creativity is quite fascinating. The sort […]

Horses stabbed and the Art of Illustration

The Art Of Illustration

Steve: What I find most interesting about illustration is the direct relationship that you have with your audience. Molly: I have always used my work to explore places and people that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Sean: A lot of people sort of look down on comics and art, […]

Write Every Day

Kurt Vonnegut talks about writing every day, depression experience, US anti-scientific minds. Good advice that matters. The First Gulf War is one of the topics Kurt Vonnegut discusses on set with Michael Atwood in this interview from 1991. This is the second of four sections of the interview. This interview originally […]

Face Painting Stories

This is some nifty face art, stop-motion work from Emma Allan, a London-based artist, animator and body painter Emma Allen who depicts the cycle of reincarnation using face paint. Allen made the 75-second piece over a period of five days by painting and photographing her own face.