Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [17]

United NationsLead With Big & Helpful Ideas: Truman helped create the United Nations. Also, the Truman Doctrine was assigned to George Marshal to shape the plan to provide help for Greece in February of 1947. The concern was the Soviet invasion of Eastern Europe. Money for Greece and Turkey was only the beginning of a plan to protect Western capitalist interests. Marshall outlined a speech for the goals of entering European politics. The situation in Greece was massively significant. If he didn’t act, then the Soviets would likely expand their sphere of influence. It signaled a turning point. America was no longer non-interventionalist. The future of nations in Europe had driven the US into intervention. Truman said that the cost of not acting was far more horrible than the measures that would occur. At a Harvard convocation, Marshall made his declaration. Stalin was supportive at first but congress would not support aid to USSR satellite states, Stalin pulled out thereby making the European Reconstruction possible from the perspective of congress. The central gem to Truman’s presidency was the Marshal Plan. The Marshall Plan would feed and support the conquered. Their borders had not guns or forts anymore, this was economic aid. The US wanted peace in the world as far as Truman was concerned.