Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [22]

Always Confront Your Friends and Enemies Directly: this allows you to understand their position more than any letter or email could possibly allow. Truman went to see MacArthur, some press believed he wanted to cash in on the successes of the war so far. The two met alone for 2 hours. MacArthur believed that North Korea would be defeated. Some historians believe that Truman traveled to Korea for not much. Truman was impressed by MacArthur. They liked each other. There is no substitute from someone who has first hand experience. Truman wanted to make sure that there was UNITY in the war strategy.

Protect Yourself Against Assassination: On November 1st, 1950, two Puerto Rican assassins attempted to kill Truman to draw attention to their nation’s plight. The president under heavy guard went to make a speech that day anyway. Officer Coffelt was killed. Later, Truman was shocked and deeply disturbed when JFK was assassinated. He would not do any further public speeches. Truman wanted the secret service reinstated for all former US presidents.