Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [9]

Your Opponent’s Chief Advantage Is Surprise: Truman didn’t restrict Roosevelt’s power and Harry supported the new deal. However, FDR did not openly support Harry Truman or his competition named Stark in the 1940 challenge for the Missouri Senate Democratic nomination. Stark decided to run for the VP position at the same time as he challenged Truman for the Senate seat. As the deadline for applicants to contest the seat approached, Stark did not tell Truman about his intent until absolutely necessary. An incumbent should always expect a campaign for any race. In Kansa City, the Republicans who controlled the judges decided to foreclose on Harry’s Mother’s house in the middle of the campaign. Harry’s land was auctioned because he could not raise money to save her property. The Republicans were hoping to embarrass him during the race and also compel him to quit. They failed.