Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Part VII

(III) Workers are interchangeable, therefore we should strive to be linchpins, irreplaceable within the work force.

Suppliers Dilemma for Workers

People have been burying their genius, or misallocating themselves in order to fit a round-peg into a square hole. By not being innovative, these labourers have limited bargaining power against the suppliers which Seth Godin refers to as the PERL (Percentage of Easily Replaced Laborers). These people are easily replaced, yes, but that is exactly what management wants if their short-term goal is to restrict costs, and drive wages down.

The linchpin is between management and labourers. It is now easier to find people in self-organized online systems. Godin believes that we can all create our own factories…Karl Marx and Adam Smith both agreed that there are management and labour; management owned the machines, and labourers followed the rules. Godin believes that the 3rd group is called the linchpin between management and labourers. They are creating new products more effectively, creating new ways to express themselves. 3D printing is an area where new growth may be developing in the near future. Realistically, the linchpin is not likely to be between management and labourers. Godin is basically talking about entrepreneurial people within an organisation.