Margaret Thatcher on German Unification & the Soviet Collapse

On German Reunification/Soviet Collapse

The strategy to defeat communism was working. Its defeat would mean changes to Britain’s foreign relations and NATO’s defenses would arise. George Bush attempted to distance himself from Reagan by turning to Germany as his key ally in Europe. The welcome revolutions in Eastern Europe brought about the German Question. Thatcher’s fears of a unified Germany were mocked as Warmongering but were vindicated in 1990. The protectionism of Germany’s Europe which the US promoted was beginning to threaten American jobs. Thatcher visited Bush, Gorbachev about their INF disarmament deal. In Poland, Thatcher support the Solidarity movement which had successful overthrown the Jaruzelski government. She was highly respected as her views had won out once again. The US got Germany wrong, according to Thatcher. A united Europe would not hold Germany in check. Bush was hoping to move away from close ties in Europe, Thatcher felt that a unified Germany was a greater threat and should be dealt with accordingly. Eastern Europe fell from communism because the West stayed strong and resolute. Gorbachev renounced the Brezhnev doctrine. Czechoslovakia, Romania became democratic. The German problem was that reunification did not provide a balance of power in Europe. The true origin of German angst is the agony of self-knowledge. Many Germans want to locked into a federal Europe. But Germany is more likely to dominate in that framework than another. Britain and France can balance German power but in a European super-state this is not possible with a unified Germany. The Soviets wanted to denuclearize West Germany: this was achieved. The Soviet Union was completely crumbling under Gorbachev. Things moved rather fast. Thatcher was mainly concerned with Germany ultimately. Thatcher details the basics leading up to the Gulf War. Thatcher supports the UN but is hesitant at times because of her difficulties during the Falklands War. Thatcher was not allowed to see through the campaign because of the Conservative no confidence motion.