Margaret Thatcher on a visit to Canada

On A Visit To Canada
Trudeau’s government was extremely unpopular in 1983. Trudeau argued that the Korean Airliner incident with the USSR demonstrated the dangers when politicians were not in command. He felt that the responsibility was on local military commanders not the leadership. Thatcher responded that there was endemic incompetence on USSR’s communist system of governance. Thatcher met with Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney but found that there was too of the adjective and not enough of the noun in his policy and actions. With Reagan’s visit Thatcher reiterated the sentiment that – in reality – the Soviets had nothing to fear from them since Liberal Democracies are peace loving.

On Lebanon and Grenada
242 American and 58 French troops were killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut. Two Shia Muslim groups took credit. In Grenada, US intervened in a USSR coup attempt. International opinions were negative towards with US. Lebanon led to Grenada.