Soviet Union to Russia: Understanding what Russia wants through an Academic Lens

Communism, Post-communism & Nationalism The following are in depth research notes on Communism, Nationalism and Russia from the perspective of both Eastern and Western academic thinkers. Politics, history, psychology are complicated. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the territorial maps were redrawn. Many Russian nationals become minority citizens of new countries […]

How Mainstream Publications Overlook Their Own Weirdness and Just Blame Facebook…

[Disclaimer this is a non-partisan publication] And I am no Facebook apologist, but I thought it was worth raising awareness about the following: [Transcript] Hey, I had to talk about this because I noticed, this morning, something really interesting, and I mean, more interesting than your standard cat video while […]

“Trumpocracy” by David Frum + “How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt

 [David Frum is an ardent ideologue, historian and political scientist. Frum is a Bush era Republican from Canada. The following is in no way supportive of the current US President. Any statement to contrary is intellectually deficient.] Trump’s Business Partnerships: Disassociation between Trump and his commercial interests has not […]

Citizenville is Directionally Correct, the Messenger is an Old Fogie, Though

Local Government is non-ideological, because it is result oriented. Local government is the solution to the federal and provincial governments in the sense that leadership from that level of government aren’t bound by ideological restrictions. This is the first killer point from Newsom’s book Citizenville; How can we connect to […]

The Misguided Conservative Ideal: R.B. Bennett and the Western Canadian Reaction between 1930-1935.

The Misguided Conservative Ideal: R.B. Bennett and the Western Canadian Reaction between 1930-1935. A fair amount of a party’s political success relies on good fortune. Steve Martin the comedian famously that ti……ming….is everything. If this is the case, R.B. Bennett was the most unfortunate Prime Minister in Canadian history. This […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Risk/Reward & Predicting Cash-Flow

Risk and Reward/Predicting Cash-Flow: Investors think as much about risk as they do reward. Most people tie their investments to resources, expecting them to grow, and with it, their own rewards. Where rewards are expressed in percentage growth, risks are harder to characterize. Guessing a company’s future cash-flow involves looking […]

Mecca Has Many Hotels

What’s The Deal With Mecca | Everything Your Wanted To Know About This Holy City But Were Afraid To Ask

Why I Wrote This Article I think it’s important to learn about different cultures, religions and cities because learning has the effect (I believe) of enlightening and strengthening the mind. Understanding the perspectives of others helps you understand who you yourself actually are. Intellectually closed-minded people are quite powerful in society (occum’s razor […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: An MBA Is About Taking Control

MBA = Taking Control: Business school is about gaining control of your financial future. HBS believes that their experience training can also be applied to other spheres- politics, education, health care, the arts. Business culture is pervasive so learn it from within. Case Studies Are A Learning Device: The entire HBS curriculum is built on […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: With Money Comes Freedom, Entrepreneurs and When Pitching To A VC

With Money Comes Freedom: Business and government can work together. You can come from business, and move into government ie. Mitt Romney, or work in government and transition into business ie. Japanese civil servant system. In order to be successful in business/government ventures, David Rubenstein believes that you should be: a) […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Negotiations 101, Leverage and Debt Theory

Negotiations 101: the fundamentals begin with discussing ethics followed by the basic analytical tools of negotiations. The negotiator often tries to misled his opponent but the risk of unethical negotiations is a bad reputation. Bluffing is fine in negotiations. The sophistication of the parties is also relevant. Selling a complicated […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Walmart / Proctor and Gamble’s Competitive Advantage

Walmart’s Success: The goal of sustainable competitive advantage is to develop and integrate a consistent set of mutually reinforcing activities. You want to build up a business that cannot fail over time because of the momentum moving in support of it. Walmart is not successful because of its low costs […]

Myers Briggs Test

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: is based on Carl Jung’s psychological theory, and looks at possible psychological types, and consequences. People’s minds are always perceiving, taking in information, judging, and processing information. There are two different ways of perceiving: Sensation, and Intuition. Sensing is practical, intuition is imaginative, and Judging is about thinking, […]

Quebec Politics – Federal Voting Choice in Quebec_Part 3

Federal Vote Choice in Quebec  It’s Sovereignty Stupid! by M.Arnot, M.Campbell, E.Hjertaas, D.Moore & B.Nolan Agential Factors: The short-term determinants of choice Having established what structures determine the existence of a relevant choice, we are now able to address what factors influence how this choice is actually made during an election.  This […]

Federal Voting in Quebec_Part 2

Federal Vote Choice in Quebec  It’s Sovereignty Stupid!   by M.Arnot, M.Campbell, E.Hjertaas, D.Moore & B.Nolan Cleavages Persuasive evidence for the impact of these three structural determinants can be found in the nature of Quebec’s cleavages in voting.  After these cleavages are introduced, the structural determinants will be employed to account for […]

Federal Voting Choice In Quebec_Part 1

Federal Vote Choice in Quebec  It’s Sovereignty Stupid! by M.Arnot, M.Campbell, E.Hjertaas, D.Moore & B.Nolan Introduction What determines vote choice in federal elections in Quebec?  What structural factors define the nature of this choice, and what agential factors influence how it is made in the election itself?  Any answer to such questions […]

USA Inc Criticism

I like the infographics. Stating that you are “non-partisan” is hard to believe. She really means that she will take a centrist or independent position as opposed to the extreme partisanship that characterizes US politics? Everyone has a set of experiences that informs their understanding. Mary Meeker, a Venture Capitalist, […]

Soviet Space Art

LET’S SAY THAT BUSINESS IS RATHER LIKE GOVERNMENT. In the case of the USSR’s space industry, the government was in the business of captivating the imagination of a nation, to inspire young children to study science, and to make the USSR a interplanetary power. Okay, that’s a bit extreme. Great […]

Margaret Thatcher on the Westland Affair & Libya

On the Westland Affair This is really about Michael Heseltine’s conflict with Thatcher. Heseltine’s personal ambitions were distorting his priorities. The small helicopter company became the core of this conflict. Westland’s central concern was over whether private sector shareholders and directors almost wholly dependent on government contracts should be free […]

Gettysburg address famous event

Winning Is Everything: Abe Lincoln

• Winning is Everything: National crisis must be defeated. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address states that the Copperheads would have made that battle meaningless, that those soldiers would have died for nothing. If the war fails then their campaign is meaningless. Lincoln thought that those dead soldiers would have wanted the Union […]

Business On A Boat

Blueseed: visa-free startup platform on a ship 30 minutes from Silicon Valley View more presentations from Blueseed The foreign tourist visas will allow the non-US entrepreneurs to access Silicon Valley while not requiring a US visa. If anything this is a Modest Proposal designed to parody the difficulty of nationalism […]

Z World Detroit

This is a crazy Zombie Apocalypse idea from an entrepreneur in Detroit. It actually isn’t that bad. They need to prove that they have a winning team that it committed to making the business work. Hopefully they have someone who has managed DisneyWorld or a theme park on their board. […]

Lincoln Truths

Moral Imperatives Should be Spun for Their Short-Term Benefits: Abe Lincoln

• Moral Imperatives Should be Spun for Their Short-Term Benefits: The Emancipation Proclaimation was surpising for Lincoln’s cabinet but he was able to sell it successfully. Emancipating the slaves would have several foreseeable consequences on the war. A) Confederacy would fight more zealously to protect their sovereignty because slavery rights […]

Forget Your Fingers

The mouse should be our eyes when we are using computers. Instead of touching the screen, the relationships should be managed by the retina’s location on the screen. This seems to be a sensible move since marketers are constantly trying to find out which part of a website is most […]

Mitt Romney Ad

How many hours did it take this Aussie to create this video? All of the footage compiling, splitcing, and timing. Then the lyrics for humour. I guess have could have gone through transcripts to spot keywords. All the clips he used are available via YouTube. Basically, it would have taken […]

Translation On Facebook

2 years ago I predicted that Facebook would have a translation button on the walls of people who wrote in other languages. Now that it’s happened, we have to ask whether it is accurate, whether Bing automates these translations, and if so whether Bing misses the inside-jokes wordplay of specific […]

Bibliography on Quebec Federalism, The Best (English) Sources

BIBLIOGRAPHY TOTAL Archer, Keith, “Voting Theory and Its Applicability in Canada” in Joanna Everitt and Brenda O’Neill (eds.), Citizen Politics: Research and Theory in Canadian Political Behaviour. Agincourt: Methuen, 1985, 29-46. Blais, André, Elisabeth Gidengil, Richard Nadeau, Neil Nevitte. Anatomy of a Liberal Victory: Making Sense of the Vote in the […]

Margaret Thatcher on the Falklands War: Diplomatic Solutions

[This is synopsis of Thatcher’s The Downing Street Years Biography] On the Falklands War: Diplomatic Solution According to Thatcher, 140 years after British rule began; Argentina committed an internationally ‘abhorrent’ invasion of the Falkland Islands on April 2nd, 1982. This act of aggression by Argentinean President Galtriates was committed by […]

Art Spiegelman’s Maus Lecture

Art Spielgelman’s satire of the Holocaust has been a best-seller, because it conveys emotionally, and effectively what other writers have not about the jewish experience during, and post World War II. Used in an academic context, Maus has framed the debate on power, and struggle during that period. It uses a head-fake approach to […]


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2064543/Computerised-contact-lens-date-news-texts.html I told you so+ Politicians will be able to outline their policies with seeming effortlessness once technology combines the teleprompter with the contact lens. Allowing for projected content in the distance of the speech deliverer.

China Is Changing

  Understanding Chinese culture will be essential for future development around the world. China’s Yang Lang is a game-changing public figure. In China, transparency is becoming increasingly influential. Microblog is growing in China with millions and millions of bloggers. Recent graduates of universities in China are extremely underpriced, and should consider living […]