Mecca Has Many Hotels

What’s The Deal With Mecca | Everything Your Wanted To Know About This Holy City But Were Afraid To Ask

Why I Wrote This Article I think it’s important to learn about different cultures, religions and cities because learning has the effect (I believe) of enlightening and strengthening the mind. Understanding the perspectives of others helps you understand who you yourself actually are. Intellectually closed-minded people are quite powerful in society (occum’s razor […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: An MBA Is About Taking Control

MBA = Taking Control: Business school is about gaining control of your financial future. HBS believes that their experience training can also be applied to other spheres- politics, education, health care, the arts. Business culture is pervasive so learn it from within. Case Studies Are A Learning Device: The entire HBS curriculum is built on […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: With Money Comes Freedom, Entrepreneurs and When Pitching To A VC

With Money Comes Freedom: Business and government can work together. You can come from business, and move into government ie. Mitt Romney, or work in government and transition into business ie. Japanese civil servant system. In order to be successful in business/government ventures, David Rubenstein believes that you should be: a) […]