Synopsis of Freakonomics Part III

Public Shaming Has Curtailed Racism: Trent Lott is a (Southerner)fan of Strum Thurmond. Lott lamented Thurmond support for segregation in the south. The result was that Lott was shamed publicly. There are consequences for ones actions. The Weakest Link shows that discrimination occurs with the voting strategy. Who is discriminated […]

Learning by Playing The Future of Education

Redistricting Game

http://www.redistrictinggame.org/ This is Chris Swain’s computer program about electoral gerrymandering in the United States. It’s entertaining, educational and free. It also demonstrates the difficulties of changing the way districts are formulated. Most bureaucratic organizations have barriers to successfully making meaningful change. Enjoy.

We Should Read Freakeconomics

Synopsis of Freakonomics PART I

Freaknomics demonstrates that academic ideas can be disseminated to the masses by being controversial, engaging and read-able. Steven U. LEVITT is exploring Causal Relationships that Have Become Conventional Wisdom. He wants to disprove them as spurious. Demonstrate other intervening variables. Levitt wants to discover what causes what: more police causes […]