The Revenge of Rosie O’Donnell

The Donald Trump / Rosie O’Donnell was probably the most storied tabloid level media story of the 2000s. Trump said he would sue Rosie in her fat ass pockets for mentioning the 4 business bankruptcies in the 1990s. Rosie bit back by flipping her hair in the style of Trump and impersonating him in a satirical barb from her tv platform on The View. It was generally entertaining in the way that nasty public feuds unfortunately can be. Seemed almost like a coordinated effort to bring the two more brand clout, hard to measure but a very real factor in business. Now, it’s 2016…Watch Rosie’s come back attack ad produced for The Daily Show. It features an infomercial section that may resonate with independent and republican voters in the US. Maybe publicly ridiculing people you might have to work with in the future or in this case, a person who might have a vendetta to wage is NOT GOOD.