Pharmaceutical Industry – Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges from an MBA perspective

It is easy to dislike any entity that puts a price point on your health, seemingly taking advance of your “inelastic demand” ie. absolute need for their product or service. However, the economic reality (the dismal science) is more nuanced than most consumers can imagine……… We should be able recognize […]

Soviet Union to Russia: Understanding what Russia wants through an Academic Lens

Communism, Post-communism & Nationalism The following are in depth research notes on Communism, Nationalism and Russia from the perspective of both Eastern and Western academic thinkers. Politics, history, psychology are complicated. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the territorial maps were redrawn. Many Russian nationals become minority citizens of new countries […]

How Mainstream Publications Overlook Their Own Weirdness and Just Blame Facebook…

[Disclaimer this is a non-partisan publication] And I am no Facebook apologist, but I thought it was worth raising awareness about the following: [Transcript] Hey, I had to talk about this because I noticed, this morning, something really interesting, and I mean, more interesting than your standard cat video while […]

“Trumpocracy” by David Frum + “How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt

 [David Frum is an ardent ideologue, historian and political scientist. Frum is a Bush era Republican from Canada. The following is in no way supportive of the current US President. Any statement to contrary is intellectually deficient.] Trump’s Business Partnerships: Disassociation between Trump and his commercial interests has not […]

Yes, Chinese Entrepreneurs are Innovative with Space Exporation On The Mind, Too #ChineseInnovations #ElonMuskIsNotSoSmart

The folks used to say Chinese people simply flout copyright laws by stealing western intellectual property, that is still partially true. However, not ALL Chinese entrepreneurs simply copy Western companies and content. Take Ruopeng Liu for example. His company is using helium to get into low levels of space which […]

Graphene The Super Material

Please include attribution to with this graphic. This is a very interesting look into the development of Graphene, a material that is extremely strong and thus has many potential uses in manufacturing. Our great grandchildren may use a graphene-based elevator in order to travel outside of earth’s orbit, for […]