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Conclusion: The Rebirth of Democracy Gore’s book asserts that the rule of reason is the true sovereign of the American system. If reason comes under assault, American democracy is threatened. From basic cognitive engagement through reading to further advances in media, democracy has been challenged by threats to rational thought. […]


Chapter Eight: Democracy in the Balance Al Gore turns to a thorough analysis of the institutions of American democracy and how the Bush Administration has successfully circumvented long-standing traditions of political discourse. The Founders relied on a ‘well-informed citizenry’ to exercise the rule of reason and free expression to safeguard […]


Chapter Seven: The Carbon Crisis Al Gore claims that his raison d’etre in public life is centred around the greatest challenge of the 21st century: climate change. This chapter explains the Bush Administration’s policies on climate change which are motivated by vested interests. It is largely a re-working of all […]


Chapter Five: The Assault on the Individual Gore argues that the information revolution has had vast political implications. The individual has the potential to leverage massive political power. Illiteracy has emerged because of the dominance of television over the printing press and the continued infancy of the Internet. Blogs are […]


Chapter Two: Blinding the Faithful Al Gore turns to the question of religion and politics. The Founding fathers knew that faith alone could not govern American society and that religious dogma and governmental power were a dangerous mix. Reason and faith cohabitate better than reason and fear but there is […]


The following is a précis of: The ASSAULT ON REASON AL GORE Introduction Al Gore’s introduction is designed to layout his central arguments and the ultimate solutions to an alarming crisis of reason that is emerging in the United States of America. Gore begins by noting that the representative democracy […]