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The Age of Spiritual Machines: Part 8

2019: Ubiquitous Computers: Kurzweil believes that by 2019, computers will be imbedded in furniture, clothing etc basically everything. What would be the purpose: maintaining dryness? Tracking condition? Why would people willfully grade their furniture? Human Factor: need is not clear. Virtual Reality: There will be internet interfaces in a virtual reality, […]

Why Kurweil Might Be Wrong And That's Fine

Why Kurzweil Is Wrong

Here are the TOP 10 reasons that Kurzweil might not have super accurate predictions about the future of the entire human species: 1)    NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE ACCURATELY. No human being can know with certainty what will happen in the future. Will water levels rise in 2012 or 2013 […]

The Age of Spiritual Machines: Part 4

Attacking Luddites, Cautious Progressivism & The Frankenstein Factor Kurzweil tries to portray the original luddites as a small crazed movement that was inevitably destroyed. Luddites were originally a movement against textile manufactures in 19th Century England. They didn’t like how manufacturing had led to increased child labour, starvation and mass […]

The Age of Spiritual Machines: Part 3

The Human Factor I believe the human factor makes Kurzweil’s predictions unlikely to be true. No future can be predicted accurately, that is extremely foolish. The Human Factor is the term used in this article to describe that unpredictable humans nature which is capable of  changing their political views. Kurzweil’s […]