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A Synopsis of False Expectations

Introduction & Chapter 1: The Saskatchewan Myth Dale Eisler discusses private and public choice in political economy and aims to demonstrate that Saskatchewan’s self-image diverges from other provinces perception of the province. First, Saskatchewan was created for the consumption of the Commonwealth. Second, Saskatchewan’s self-image struggles with the duality of […]

Allan Blakeney: The Aftermath

….Aftermath The Tories kept their promises which were reckless. The deficit was 230 million in 1982 and 379 million in 1984. Devine cut spending on affirmative action programs, closed the Land Bank program, the Department of Northern Saskatchewan was disband, labour legislation was rewritten to favour employers. Devine sold the […]

Allan Blakeney: Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep: A Political Biography of Allan Blakeney INTRODUCTION: Blakeney had the rank ordered license plates of Thatcher’s Liberal Cabinet removed in 1971 because he loved and respected the egalitarian streak of the Saskatchewan people. He believed that politics was an honourable profession. Blakeney was never considered good at […]