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Campaign Contribution Dominance

Obama can claim he has more grassroots support than the establishment funding mechanisms of the McCain campaign. Obama also has almost 3x the contributions that McCain has. That’s taking into account the 3rd candidate Clinton’s competition with Obama. Funding is very important. There are a myriad of barriers for McCain other than campaign financing but this is a massive issue because it represents, in economic terms, a campaign’s viability. Therefore, anyone who thinks McCain will win this election: (a)has been impacted by the false consciousness implimented by the media’s need to build tension and deny there will be a slam dunk Democratic victory, (b) believe that racist thinking will be a barrier to Obama’s victory when empirical evidence has shown controvening evidence or evolving opinion on that subject, (c) are hoping for a devasting unrealized event that will cripple the Obama campaign [which is a possibility] or (d) probably wanted Clinton to win the nom. Does it make sense that McCain will win in November even if core members of his own party clearly dislike him, Obamacons are growing in numbers, etc etc?

Lily-pad City

The idea that climate change refugees will have the luxury of a Lilypad city is laughable. Thank you architects, leave the thinking to political scientists, mkay?
BUT the design is curious. I have long believed that mobile urban centres will be possible within the next 40 years. Whether there will be economic, political capital to contruct such structures is another question all together. The ambition needed would be highly private/corporate. The risks of terrorist attack would also need to be assuaged. Ultimately, the concept is engaging. More on it later….

Here’s the Old Freedom Ship that never was. What kept it out of the water? Economics. The demand is too low for a floating disaster of Titanic proportions. Again, dreaming big is excellent. It’s the thinking that goes along with it that would also be helpful. It’s the right direction, though. Because the advantages of mobility, counteracting climate change, population in a controlled urban environment all bring new problems but exciting OPPORTUNIES.