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Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [3]

 Study People, Piano & History: Truman would watch people to find out what they wanted and enjoyed. he would try to cater himself to the interests of others. He could always be a friend with everyone. Most people liked Truman in school. He would smile his way along in the world. Unfortunately, he was also very lonely as a child. History was part of life, it was about people and Truman was interested in people. Truman played piano consistently. Truman wanted to be a concert pianist. Truman would wake up at dawn everyday to play piano. Mothers in the neighborhood would hold Harry up as a gem student. Truman loved the Democratic picnics every August at Lone Jack with his father. John Truman was a friend of members in the Democratic Party. Harry went to the 1900 Democratic Convention for William Jennings Bryan and Adlee Stevenson of Illinois. Harry admired Bryan’s common man aesthetic. The Republican’s won in 1900. John Truman networked to advance his agricultural prospects. There was massive racism in Missouri. Truman learnt an important lesson about people which was to not dress fancy. Represent your culture. Even if that culture is grotesque, ignorant but honest. Truman did not question the inequality of black and white people. Truman loved theater.