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Thoughts On Local Government_>>>2

[The following is a point-form note series on Local Government Politics aggregated from an academic course on that subject.]

“Robbing bank as a career”:  – Referencing the David Grann New Yorker piece, “The Old Man and the Gun”

  • Forrest Tucker, member of the infamous “over the hill gang” famous for all being elderly bank robbers, highly successful
  • Spent his life in and out of Jail
  • Even at the age of 79 with substantial assets and an affluent house in a relatively prestigious community in Florida decided to rob one more bank
  • Illustrates that crime is appealing for some innate reason for some, however qualified by the fact that early on in his life, because of his socio-economic status, he was all but forced into a life of crime, he was unable to find opportunities to succeed in his preferred career as a musician
  • As well the discretion of police authorities and the judicial system was present, if he was given a more lenient sentence early on he may have never developed his criminal mind and skills while in the detention center and prisons.
  • “Nation of cowards”:  title of Jeffrey Snyder’s article discussing the gun control policies in North America, slightly touches on Canada but primarily focuses on the US and the second amendment right “The right to Bear Arms”.
  • Tension between individuality and incalculable self-esteem vs. reverting to being a victim – let the criminal do what he wants
  • Crime is a complete disavowal of the social contract but also a commandeering of the victim’s person and liberty
  • It violates a victims dignity, if not fighting for your dignity, maybe then it doesn’t exist
  • Crime is rampant because the law-abiding condone it, not because of failures of the judicial/penal system, the defect is in our character
  • More likely to be a victim of a violent crime than in a car accident, people believe the existence of police will protect them and relieve them of their responsibility to protect themselves, the police are general deterrents not personnel bodyguards (of all violent crimes (1991) only 28% of calls were responded to within 5 min. or less)
  • Protection is not a service that can be effectively delivered by the police
  • Police do not even have the legal responsibility to protect individuals
  • How to protect than, buy a gun
  • But laws against carrying firearms (Great American Gun War)
  • Gun control is the battleground, the fight for gun rights done by the common man, the fight against them, for restrictions are levied by elite
  • Gun control measures as effective crime prevention are unknown, did not prevent John Hinckley Junior from attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
  • Gun control tends to blame law abiding gun owners, however, 90% of the violent crimes are committed with out hand guns, and 93% of guns obtained by violent criminals are not obtained legally
  • Gun control restricts law abiding citizens and is thus ineffectual
  • False stereotypes of gun owners – stats show more likely to be educated, more likely to have prestigious jobs
  • Florida experience – law allowing concealed fire arms, homicide rate actually fell (casual mechanism not verified)
  • Possession of arms are vital for resisting tyranny (Machievelli, Hobbes), vital so that the government will govern only with the consent of the governed
  • Should trust law abiding citizens