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Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [6]

Expect To Be A Lonely Leader: Truman had few close friends. He was cheerful but he always kept his distance from other people. During committees in the Senate he listened closely but rarely spoke. Harry was hoping to make a reputation as a senator but he would not sell influence and was willing to be attacked if he was right. Always be cheerful. Always be fit. Be bland. Everyone loves an underdog. He didn’t need a following, the limelight, flattery and liked being underestimated. Manage your money; no matter what age, Harry never forgot the value of money. As a Senator, Harry worried about money most. Truman worked as a Bank Clerk until 1905. Harry obsessed about money in his letters to Bessie. Harry had two reasons to be rich: to build his mom a fine house and the second was to win Bessie. Political disillusionment will occur, Truman became a judge in 1925 but his co-workers were deeply corrupt people. Of the three judges, Truman was the only one who wasn’t abusing his position for political/financial gain. Truman believed that his fellow judges were not his friends and had no sense of honour and were very dangerous. Harry doesn’t believe in having friends that he cannot trust. These corrupt judges were paying people off to support them in the election. People with positions of authority will abuse that power like vultures with public money. Harry became disillusioned by politics and wrote a detailed assessment of what these judges had done in a Kansas City hotel.