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Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [5]

Achieve Something Tremendous in Your Early and Mid-Twenties: Truman was the captain of a battalion of 195 soldiers in Civil War. A Military Career Trains You For Leadership: Truman joined the National Guard in 1905. Truman was “21 years old and could do as [Harry] pleased”. Harry was well known in camp since he ran a canteen. Jacobson ran the canteen but Harry built a reputation. Their business venture was tremendously successful. Truman went to England for training as a Captain in March 1918. Harry had to lead Dizzy D Battalion (Irish Catholics from Kansas), he was a Mason. Harry was fearful but led them well. Harry loved his new sense of influence. His judgement was key in taking 195 men into the frontlines. Harry built up the battlion from one of the worst to one of the best. Harry called his men “everything he knew” while under fire when Battery D ran into Germans which surprised them because Harry was so proper. During a major American offensive planned by George C Marshall, Harry disobeyed orders to fire on sight but waited until the Germans were in range to maximize effect: he was almost courtmarshaled if not for the fact that he saved lives. On November 11, 1918 the armistice agreement was signed. Harry was seen as lucky. His men admired him greatly. The war made him a somebody and Bessie married him, as mentioned below.