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What We Can Learn From Truman XV

Force Your Enemies Hand: Truman bombed Nagasaki. 70,000 died. The bombardier had missed the city by two miles. Truman knew about the tragic destructive consequences. Truman knew that it would be the most powerful deterrent known to man. Truman “found the bomb” and used it against civilians. Truman demanded Japanese surrender. Prime Minister Suzuki wanted war on Japanese soil. Others “wanted [Japan] to be destroy like a beautiful flower”. BUT the Japanese cabinet heard about the Nagasaki bombing and agreed they would surrender. The Emperor could stay. August 14th, 1945 Truman announced the end of the war. Truman’s popularity was beyond expectation at 85%. By 1946, Truman had dropped to 35%. Truman had a 21-point domestic program. Business leaders wanted free markets. Soldiers returned looking for jobs.