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Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [4]

Love Writing & If You Want Someone/Something Be Persistent: Truman wrote to his love Bessie endlessly while he was working on his farm. He clearly loved her, sending romantic verbose letters of adulation frequently. His letters revealed his belief in Jeffersonian democracy based on independent farmers: “Farmers make better citizens. Industrialization causes class struggles.” Truman wrote over 200 hundred letters to Bessie and began to love writing. Fortunately, Bessie saved these letters. Harry wrote “I would never make love to women for the fun of it, on account of [Bessie]. I have never met a girl in my life who I didn’t compare to you to see wherein she was lacking and she always was….I’ve always been more idealist than practical.” According to Truman, politicians don’t ultimately matter; they believe that they have reached the highest pinnacle of success. Politicians are egoists or fools. Vile ambition political or monetary was not Harry’s ambition. Harry proposed to Bessie via mail. She refused but finally after the Great War, they married. Bessie married a president.