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TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 12

Some people deserve to be screwed back:

For example, Trump gave money to two restaurant entrepreneurs. A year later, the owners hadn’t given him a single dollar even if these owners were making a great deal of money. Trump felt that these people had screwed him out of money for his investment. Suing them would have cost a lot of time and wasted effort given how much he gave those dudes. They knew they could get away with it. But now, Trump won’t even recognize these entrepreneurs in public.

Also, Mario Cuomo was given a lot of funding from Trump during his run as governor. Then, after Cuomo was removed from office (for hiking real estate taxes) Trump wanted some help with a simple above-board request from Cuomo. Cuomo said “NO”. Trump screamed at Cuomo for being disloyal for a proper simple request.

In addition, Pete Dockings had a charmed life. Rhodes Scholar etc. Dockings wanted a Vietnam monument in New York. Trump provided over a million dollars. Trump used the best unions he could find to help build the monument. Trump did a lot of work to make the project a success. BUT Dockings took all the credit for the creation. Later, Trump wanted some help but Dockings didn’t want to help Trump for some unknown reason.

Sometimes you have to hold a grudge.

LEARN THE POWER OF SAYING “NO”: Trump disagreed with CBS’s partnership with The Miss Universe Pagent. Trump bought the CBS out of the project. Trump had to say “NO” to CBS’s tactics which were not working. Trump took control and made sure they got back to focusing on beautiful women. Trump made a new partnership with NBC. The ratings were higher than ever and Trump created a great opportunity elsewhere with NBC.

DON’T KNOCK EVERYONE: If you attack everyone, you will lose a lot of friends. Don’t attack everyone; that is foolish. You can knock some people but never everyone.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 11

BE PATIENT: know when to be patient. One good way to make the deal accelerate is by not looking to eager for a deal. Trump would delay a deal until his opponents were getting itchy enough to settle for a lower bid. These folks waited the time to give Trump what he wanted to get. Distract the other side. In gambling, if you have no bankroll, then others will target you for obviously having much more to lose in a deal. Trump was having trouble with an impatient opponent so he threw out his false concern about the building’s history, thus delaying negotiations so that he could get his bearings.

BE STRATEGICALLY DRAMATIC: Kofi Annan tried to stop Trump’s construction near the UN. Trump didn’t say anything critical about the UN. Trump knew that some ambassadors might want to live in Trump’s building. NY City Lawyers tried to tax the hell out of Trump’s project. Trump sued the City of New York. Trump reached a deal where he would take 17%. Trump had to support Bronx’s housing.

SOMETIMES YOU STILL HAVE TO SCREW THEM: Go after someone who has attacked you as viciously as possible. Live by your principles. Like it says in the Bible, an eye for an eye. BE PARANOID: it’s a jungle out there. We are worse than lion’s. Getting retribution and paranoia can be a waste of time, however. If you can dismiss a negative you should do so. Save time and focus on bettering yourself and your family. But again, sometimes you have to screw people back.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 7

PART 3: Money, Money, Money

STAY WITH THE WINNERS: Beware of instant stars in the world of finance. Trust the people who are successful consistently. Invest simply, don’t take unnecessary risks. Some people have extremely complicated explanations for market trends BUT Warren Buffet knows how to break it down simply. Invest with companies you understand.

GET A PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT: People have a right to protect their assets. Don’t let a women trick you into not signing a prenuptial. Ivana’s lawyers were extremely vicious but we signed a prenuptial agreement. There is nothing wrong with common sense.

DO IT YOURSELF: You need to be direct with people and meet them directly. Lawyers will try to get rich by churning billable hours. Go right to the top and get something done. Whenever possible settle, it saves a lot of time.

MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF MONEY: money is extremely serious. The sooner you understand the value of money, the better. Don’t be careless with money. Children learn from what they see. If you enjoy gambling, your kids will like gambling too. Don’t have goof-off kids. You cannot enter the financial world without understanding money.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 5

NEVER GIVE UP: children with handicaps seem to fight for everyday they have been given. When you’re down another day can be another chance. Keep going, keep on trucking. Feed yourself some positive thoughts. Certain people keep going because they stay positive. Lincoln had a lot of faith, he didn’t receive much encouragement. Some people are losers unfortunately, they’re attitude is so low that they are below sea-level.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

READ CARL JUNG:. People become persona’s that they forward in public. In private we are very different people, according to Jung…By not assuming an EGO, you will defeat you opponent…

HAVE AN EGO: It is the centre of our consciousness. Get an EGO, Get a LIFE. No EGO means very little life force. Strive for wholeness. Knowledge is power. Your mind can build castles but make sure the foundation is in place first.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 4

GO WITH YOU GUT: have some instincts, and follow them. You need to gain strong business instincts. Trump knew within seconds that Mark Burnett was going to make The Apprentice excellent. Our conscious minds are useful but the unconscious tendencies will be crucial for decision-making. Learn to read people’s gut reaction.

BE OPTIMISTIC BUT EXPECT PROBLEMS: Don’t be surprised. Be prepared for problems. Always be optimistic publicly but anticipate the horrors of failure.

LOOK CLOSELY BEFORE CHANGING CAREERS: Know all about what you are getting yourself into. You need to equivocate in politics which is the significant problem with transferring from business to politics. This is why Trump decided not to run for the Reform Party in 2004. You need to be blunt in business.

Donald Trump’s Rules for Public Speaking


• Be prepared by reading.

• Have examples and references.

• Make anecdotes as vivid as possible.

• Don’t read a speech: it will be boring.

• You need to cover your bases mentally.

• Be a good story teller.

• Involve everyone. Tune people in.

• Story Telling is a skill.

• Learn to think on your feet be flexible.

• Be aware of the common denominator.

• Keep it all in perspective.

1. Think about your audience first

2. Get your audience involved.

3. Be prepared

4. Be a good story teller

5. Be aware of the common denominator.

6. Be an entertainer.

7. Be able to laugh at yourself

8. Think on your feet

9. Listen

10. Have a good time.

11. Study Regis Philbin

NEGATIVITY MUST BE AVOIDED: negativitiy is a form of fear. Don’t fear the problem. You need to start thinking positively or you will sabotage yourself. If you have received a lot of hard knocks. Don’t open the door to more knocks. Hard knocks are an insight into more trouble. Think about how more fortunate you already are. You can always better you best day. Engage in positive thinking and have a little blind faith.

Change your attitude and gain some altitude.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 3

Part 2: Career Advice from Donald Trump TAKE CONTROL OF THE INTERVIEW: first impressions are deceptive. Don’t always assume that the boss will hire with a great interview. People are looking for a skilled intelligent person.

ASK FOR A RAISE AT THE RIGHT TIME: don’t ask the boss on the worst possible day. If everyone is down do not ever ask for more money. You should seriously consider asking for a raise on a sunny beautiful day.

BE TENACIOUS: Trump is building Trump Place. It is an example of why tenacity is a good move. He has been trying to build this for 30 years. Trump built a golf club: Trump International golf club. Trump is extremely supportive of golf courses. People with passion will never give. It is a momentum that will make you indominable. Some people should stay out of business. If they aren’t passionate then they should move onwards to something else. Don’t do something you don’t like for a living.

Turn your passion into profit.


DON’T FEAR THE BRAND NAME: brand names are a way of holding standards. Who is going to eat a No Name brand hamburger? Who would you sue? The name is crucial. We all know the power of brand names. It is a viable outlet for creativity. Becoming a brand name is an excellent thing. An unknown developer is not going to be successful. The problem with brand names, the media will take a shot at you. Don’t be afraid to brag a bit. Toot your own horn. Celebrate your successes.

It’s not personal, it’s business.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 2

GET PEOPLE YOU TRUST: It’s good to be paranoid but not with your own team. Hire people you can trust. Hire loyal people. People who have pride in their work and save the company’s money are the employees you want. Watch out for the bottom line. Don’t expect smooth sailing. A business is an extended family. Problems should be seen as an opportunity. Your company is a living breathing organism; watch out for bad cells while allowing good cells to grow. Having a passion for what you do is crucial. If employees can see your energy.

DON’T EQUIVOCATE: Politicians do it all the time. It’s condescending. Be blunt and fast not intellectual. Don’t be on both sides of the fence, don’t triangulate. Make sure you and employees take a stand on an issue.

Don’t back stab, if people have time to be petty, they don’t have enough work.

Don’t be pushy, be assertive: Don’t interrupt someones tempo. If you idea sucks it may not be instep with other plans. Recognize when not to press an issue. Don’t give up, but don’t be a pest. Keep your entenna up. Your idea might not be a terrific idea. Or perhaps you should leave the company to pursue that idea on your own.

DON”T UNDERESTIMATE PEOPLE: You need to focus on the talent instead of the title. Try to find the hidden potential that everyone has. Be a leader by recognizing it. Look for fresh possibilities in a company. Trump has turned his body-guard into a VP at Trump International.

“How LONG had you been working here? Since they threatened to fire me!!!”

DON’T DEMORALIZE PEOPLE: Your words are extremely powerful. Don’t force people to do things, persuade people. Lincoln said: all men can stand adversity, but to test a man give him power. Don’t forget to keep your door open.

Don’t be a know-it-all!!!

CULTIVATE A LEARNING HABIT: read, write and study all your life. You don’t have to be a scholar. But you do need to continue to learn. Expand your horizons, try to learn about other cultures. Americans should pay more attention to things outside the American realm. Make an effort.

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 1

TRUMP: How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump

Business Rule #1: If you don’t tell others about your success, they probably won’t know about it. The Art of the Deal was a best seller, selling 3 million copies. Trump doesn’t do it all for the money, BUT money makes dreams possible. Trump is a billionaire author with a hit prime time television series called The Apprentice.

Business Rule #2: Keep it short, fast and succinct.

Part 1: Donald J. Trump School of Business & Management
Trump has 20,000 employees and running a business is like being a general. Your employees’ lives are dependent on you and your decisions. Be careful when choosing new employees. Don’t get mediocre people. Attitude is important. Have people around you that you can trust. All of Trump’s senior officials are trusted people. Sometimes your employees need a jolt or they need to be cajouled. Cater your inspiration to the specific worker you’re dealing with.

STAY FOCUSED: The Late 80s, Trump lacked attention to his business, he loved Fashion shows and beautiful women. The real-estate market crashed in the late 1980s almost runined Trump. A begger on the street was worth 9.2 Billion dollars more than Trump was in 1989…Forbes was very pleased with Trump’s crisis. Fortunately, Trump has allies in the banks, at 3am Trump walked to CitiBank. He phoned Japanese, Austrian banks. Trump personally guaranteed a billion dollars. Trump suggests that you never guarantee anything in life.

MAINTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM: don’t marry the wrong women, don’t retire from you business. Mr. Levitt lost his momentum. He left the world of business for 20 years. No matter how much you think you know your business, you need to be re-trainned regularly. Whatever you are managing, don’t assume you can glide by without constantly refreshing your knowledge.