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People Will Gather Around Their Leader: Abe Lincoln

• People Will Gather Around Their Leader: Once you have attained high office, You are given tremendous power over society. You have control over the institutions of legal authority. You have control over the public policy of your country. Your cabinet colleagues are all indebted to you for the graft distributed. If there is a war, the public will go so far as to claim that you cannot be attacked for your policies because it is question of national security. Lincoln was given the benefit of the doubt during the first few years of the war. He was effectively able to shoot someone on 5th avenue and no one would have given a damn. BUT as the war progressed without end….four bloody years in, Lincoln’s political future was in question. As the election approached, descent magnified into McClellan (D) and Chase (R) campaigns. Once you’re the leader, crisis will galvanize the people around your leadership. Chase’s nomination attempt completely failed in the end because the war was far too serious for the party to change horses in mid-stream. If you can re-win an election, you will regain that early support of the people. If you can win a war, then your political success will be assured and history will look upon you positively. But if you lose a war, then your political fortunes will be greatly diminished like George W. Bush’s has been. McClellan didn’t have a chance.

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