TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 1

TRUMP: How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump

Business Rule #1: If you don’t tell others about your success, they probably won’t know about it. The Art of the Deal was a best seller, selling 3 million copies. Trump doesn’t do it all for the money, BUT money makes dreams possible. Trump is a billionaire author with a hit prime time television series called The Apprentice.

Business Rule #2: Keep it short, fast and succinct.

Part 1: Donald J. Trump School of Business & Management
Trump has 20,000 employees and running a business is like being a general. Your employees’ lives are dependent on you and your decisions. Be careful when choosing new employees. Don’t get mediocre people. Attitude is important. Have people around you that you can trust. All of Trump’s senior officials are trusted people. Sometimes your employees need a jolt or they need to be cajouled. Cater your inspiration to the specific worker you’re dealing with.

STAY FOCUSED: The Late 80s, Trump lacked attention to his business, he loved Fashion shows and beautiful women. The real-estate market crashed in the late 1980s almost runined Trump. A begger on the street was worth 9.2 Billion dollars more than Trump was in 1989…Forbes was very pleased with Trump’s crisis. Fortunately, Trump has allies in the banks, at 3am Trump walked to CitiBank. He phoned Japanese, Austrian banks. Trump personally guaranteed a billion dollars. Trump suggests that you never guarantee anything in life.

MAINTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM: don’t marry the wrong women, don’t retire from you business. Mr. Levitt lost his momentum. He left the world of business for 20 years. No matter how much you think you know your business, you need to be re-trainned regularly. Whatever you are managing, don’t assume you can glide by without constantly refreshing your knowledge.

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