TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 11

BE PATIENT: know when to be patient. One good way to make the deal accelerate is by not looking to eager for a deal. Trump would delay a deal until his opponents were getting itchy enough to settle for a lower bid. These folks waited the time to give Trump what he wanted to get. Distract the other side. In gambling, if you have no bankroll, then others will target you for obviously having much more to lose in a deal. Trump was having trouble with an impatient opponent so he threw out his false concern about the building’s history, thus delaying negotiations so that he could get his bearings.

BE STRATEGICALLY DRAMATIC: Kofi Annan tried to stop Trump’s construction near the UN. Trump didn’t say anything critical about the UN. Trump knew that some ambassadors might want to live in Trump’s building. NY City Lawyers tried to tax the hell out of Trump’s project. Trump sued the City of New York. Trump reached a deal where he would take 17%. Trump had to support Bronx’s housing.

SOMETIMES YOU STILL HAVE TO SCREW THEM: Go after someone who has attacked you as viciously as possible. Live by your principles. Like it says in the Bible, an eye for an eye. BE PARANOID: it’s a jungle out there. We are worse than lion’s. Getting retribution and paranoia can be a waste of time, however. If you can dismiss a negative you should do so. Save time and focus on bettering yourself and your family. But again, sometimes you have to screw people back.

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