TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 4

GO WITH YOU GUT: have some instincts, and follow them. You need to gain strong business instincts. Trump knew within seconds that Mark Burnett was going to make The Apprentice excellent. Our conscious minds are useful but the unconscious tendencies will be crucial for decision-making. Learn to read people’s gut reaction.

BE OPTIMISTIC BUT EXPECT PROBLEMS: Don’t be surprised. Be prepared for problems. Always be optimistic publicly but anticipate the horrors of failure.

LOOK CLOSELY BEFORE CHANGING CAREERS: Know all about what you are getting yourself into. You need to equivocate in politics which is the significant problem with transferring from business to politics. This is why Trump decided not to run for the Reform Party in 2004. You need to be blunt in business.

Donald Trump’s Rules for Public Speaking


• Be prepared by reading.

• Have examples and references.

• Make anecdotes as vivid as possible.

• Don’t read a speech: it will be boring.

• You need to cover your bases mentally.

• Be a good story teller.

• Involve everyone. Tune people in.

• Story Telling is a skill.

• Learn to think on your feet be flexible.

• Be aware of the common denominator.

• Keep it all in perspective.

1. Think about your audience first

2. Get your audience involved.

3. Be prepared

4. Be a good story teller

5. Be aware of the common denominator.

6. Be an entertainer.

7. Be able to laugh at yourself

8. Think on your feet

9. Listen

10. Have a good time.

11. Study Regis Philbin

NEGATIVITY MUST BE AVOIDED: negativitiy is a form of fear. Don’t fear the problem. You need to start thinking positively or you will sabotage yourself. If you have received a lot of hard knocks. Don’t open the door to more knocks. Hard knocks are an insight into more trouble. Think about how more fortunate you already are. You can always better you best day. Engage in positive thinking and have a little blind faith.

Change your attitude and gain some altitude.

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