TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 7

PART 3: Money, Money, Money

STAY WITH THE WINNERS: Beware of instant stars in the world of finance. Trust the people who are successful consistently. Invest simply, don’t take unnecessary risks. Some people have extremely complicated explanations for market trends BUT Warren Buffet knows how to break it down simply. Invest with companies you understand.

GET A PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT: People have a right to protect their assets. Don’t let a women trick you into not signing a prenuptial. Ivana’s lawyers were extremely vicious but we signed a prenuptial agreement. There is nothing wrong with common sense.

DO IT YOURSELF: You need to be direct with people and meet them directly. Lawyers will try to get rich by churning billable hours. Go right to the top and get something done. Whenever possible settle, it saves a lot of time.

MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF MONEY: money is extremely serious. The sooner you understand the value of money, the better. Don’t be careless with money. Children learn from what they see. If you enjoy gambling, your kids will like gambling too. Don’t have goof-off kids. You cannot enter the financial world without understanding money.

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