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TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 7

PART 3: Money, Money, Money STAY WITH THE WINNERS: Beware of instant stars in the world of finance. Trust the people who are successful consistently. Invest simply, don’t take unnecessary risks. Some people have extremely complicated explanations for market trends BUT Warren Buffet knows how to break it down simply. […]

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 5

NEVER GIVE UP: children with handicaps seem to fight for everyday they have been given. When you’re down another day can be another chance. Keep going, keep on trucking. Feed yourself some positive thoughts. Certain people keep going because they stay positive. Lincoln had a lot of faith, he didn’t […]

TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 4

GO WITH YOU GUT: have some instincts, and follow them. You need to gain strong business instincts. Trump knew within seconds that Mark Burnett was going to make The Apprentice excellent. Our conscious minds are useful but the unconscious tendencies will be crucial for decision-making. Learn to read people’s gut […]