This publication is designed to help me remember some of the books that I’ve read. Some of these books I liked, some I disliked but summarized/analyzed to better understand that different perspective. This hobby blog is undertaken for my own future reference + anyone else’s reference. All written content on this blog is the intellectual property of Professor Nerdster whether that content paraphrases other works or is a work of original research. If any paraphrasing is indistinguishable from the source then that’s accidental but fine considering that all attributions, by definition, are acknowledged herein. This blog only recently dabbled in affiliate marketing, generally ideas want to be free of advertising anyway. I am intellectually free and as such I am free to grow, change opinions and reject any prior opinion expressed herein at any future point in time without recrimination. That is how I preserve my freedom to think creatively. If it isn’t already obvious to you, then I’ll just point out that we are but individual perspectives in a complex reality so having an opinion that you don’t agree with is not an affront to your being. Take up meditation so that you can allow thoughts that you do not like to pass through your mind rather then try to stamp out ideas that you violently reject. What I am saying here is that I invite you to declare your intellectual freedom. Do not let anyone tell you that your personality is closed minded, the brain enables such change. It’s just better for personal development, learning and growing in a free society! Anyway, back to the site. 

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  1. Thank you Professor Nerdster for this great site that I stumbled upon quite by accident when searching for the reference to Emmett Till in Caro’s books on Johnson that I read cover to cover about a decade ago.
    The summary is outstanding, and I too, like you, look forward to Caro’s upcoming final book on LBJ saga breathlessly!

    I then found even more interesting material about Canadian political parties history.

    I am a semi-retired Cardioiogist in Northern Virginia and enjoy a wide array of subjects in my reading passion, mostly nonfiction!

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