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Key takeaways from Steve Jobs’ life based on Walter Isaacson’s biography

This is an analysis based on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and other sources of research. Enjoy.

Location Really Does Matter For Entrepreneurs:

You need to be in the right place at the right time. Being exposed to many ideas, variables, and potential inputs for accidental discoveries is better than living in a risk averse environment. In High School, Jobs took an electronics class which would have been less likely in most other cities in the US or Canada. Steve Jobs was fortunate to be raised in Silicon Valley, and because of that location it is less of a mystery as to why Jobs is who he was. Defense contracts in Silicon Valley during the 1950s shaped the history of the valley, military investment was used to build cameras to fly over the USSR, for example. Military companies were on the cutting edge, and made living in Silicon Valley interesting. In the 1930s, Dave Packard moved into Silicon Valley, and his garage was the core of the creation of Hewlett Packard. In the 1960s, HP had 9,000 employees, and it was where all engineers wanted to work. Jobs was ambitious enough at a young age to phone Dave Packard and ask for some parts. That’s how he got a summer job there. Moore’s Law emerged in Silicon Valley, Intel was able to develop the first micro processor. Financial backing was made easier to acquire where rich New Yorker’s retired to…By having the chip technology that could be cost measured for projections, Jobs and Gates would use this metric to revolutionize the technological world.

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The Times > Shifting Business Model

Peter Mandelson & The Times.
As some folk-singer poet from the American midwest once sang; “the times they are a changin'”. True to form, the London-based Times is changing under the auspices of its innovative-business-tycoon owner. Their rebooted business model relies on actually charging a small fee for access to the paper. None of their competitors are charging for access, but over time, if the Times approach succeeds ‘they will do’. The Times is likely seeing a drop in readership but keep in mind that iTunes was not an immediate success either. It’s a risk, a gamble but there are few options, sink or swim, as papers continue to wrestle with technological change in a bid 2 remain relevant. That ‘cunning chap’, Rupert Murdoch knows that if his paper can produce a high calibre journalism that engages their prospective readership, people will be willing to pay the small fee for the big picture. If not, he still has his American market to subsidize the Times and his other loss-making papers. This serialization of Mandelson’s memoir is one such incentive for paying into The Times business model. Interesting that Mandelson is characterizing this period as the end of a fairy tale called New Labour. Could a better promo have been produced? Hard to say. Is his memoir leather bound? Probably not. Does Murdoch owe Bob Dylan for his latest strategy? …no that’s crazy