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Z World Detroit

This is a crazy Zombie Apocalypse idea from an entrepreneur in Detroit. It actually isn’t that bad. They need to prove that they have a winning team that it committed to making the business work. Hopefully they have someone who has managed DisneyWorld or a theme park on their board. It’s more comparable to a paintball facility than a traditional theme park, so you will have to look at paintball clubs and they scaling problem. The experience has to be fool proof (ie. no accidentally falling to their death while evading a horde of zombies).

That might be tough to pull off without a risk of law suits, and they will have to strike a balance between authenticity and safety. Also, Detroit is very cold in January so it’s likely that demand will drop during the harsh winters months, and so this is a season-based theme park which further cuts into revenue. If people from across the world come to experience the park, then how will Z World manage the volume of guests versus number of zombies? The cost of one zombie employee versus the fee for a guest would also be a concern.

It will be hard to scale when the entertainment is the zombie employees themselves. You have to assume that a guest who has become a zombie will relish the chance to act like a zombie as well. It’s possible that in the process of creating a Zombie theme park, you will have a giant hide-and-go seek game instead since some guests will not want to act like a zombie, as zombies are usually slow and not too sharp. Like a paintball tournament, I guess everyone will want to be the one survivor of Z World. Will the guests actually enjoy trying to survive this over 24 hours? It’s an ambitious project, I hope that it is a success.