Exam Preparation Advice For Undergraduate Students

Here’s some preliminary advice about Exam preparation for UK Universities:

How long is a ball of stringWritten exams are tough because they are timed, and force students to organise their answers in a clear, and concise fashion. You might notice that the prompts used for the weekly modules are frequently used in the actual past exams, that’s why you should consider specialising in a set number of modules so that you are prepared strategically to get the best grades. What do I mean by strategically prepared? If the course has 20 modules, and the exam will have only 12 questions where you must choose 3 questions to answer, then you only really have to know the ins and outs of 6 out of 20 modules. Unless the questions are not based on the weekly prompts, this should be the basis of your study strategy. Once you have mastered these modules, you will need to actually practice writing out answers to past exams in timed sessions. So you should get lined paper, and give yourself an hour for a prompt that you have worked on (ie written a paper on etc). Basically, you want to practice the act of writing the exam in an exam like setting. How would you answer your Game Theory paper in 60 minutes of writing? By practising this way, you will make the actual exam writing less stressful because you will be coming prepared to kick ass.