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Nietzche & Nazis

God is dead, And we have killed him…”: means that the moral system of Christianity is no longer tenable according to Nietzche. It cannot provide us with personal happiness in his opinion. He is one of the first philosopher to critically dismantle Christianity as evil for its harmful effects on individuals which is his opinion, not mine BTWs. Christian love is an outcome of fear; this is weakness according to Nietzche.

What’s fascinating in particular from this famous quote is that Nietzche argues that out of Christianity should emerge a new noble or superman that guides society and rules it for “himself alone”. Superman’s lust for power is the new system of morality. Therefore morality and God are both dead…. Lust for power itself could be seen as an outcome of fear and Bertrand Russell talks about this as well. So basically, Nietzche has a nihilistic belief; that being has no meaning. Without a God, the world is a morally ambivalent and unpleasant place. Nietszche, however, is not pessimistic about the human condition but rather hopeful.

The connection I make in the title of this article is that this idea of God being dead can be taken to the extreme that informed the worst regime and the most evil logic in the 20th century. Exterminating fellow human beings rather than relocating or protecting them is a moral wrong but one that was logically justified by true villains who served as the most horrible embarrassments our species has to offer the universe. These ideas are very powerful, obviously Nazism may have been (possibly) informed by Nietzche, the problem then becomes whether an IQ test should be required before giving the wrong people, powerful ideas….open to debate about that.