What Animals Can See, Their Vision

Animal Views: What Animals Actually See, Through The Eyes of Snakes, Fish, Birds, Bees……

According to Thomas Cronin at the University of Maryland, animals see things rather differently from human beings. Not really a surprise but it’s worth your time to see what that actually looks like as a human being. Cronin studies visual physiology. Through his research, it has been determined that certain animals see the world in a certain way. I guess the best way to determine the visual experience of an animal would be to base that experience on visuals.

Pan left for Human Views & Pan Right for Animal Views
What We As Females SeeTrue perspective of the Bird

What We As Females SeeWhat the Rattlesnake Sees

What We As Females Seecuttlefish perspective

What We As Females SeeWhat cats can see

What the bumble bee actually sawWhat We As Females See
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