The importance of leadership lee iacocca

Lee Iacocca: People Skills Are Essential in Leadership

Iacocca was managing 11,000 workers in the Ford Division in 1962. The question is how did Iacocca motivate these workers? According to Iacocca, the truth is that the only way to motivate workers is to communicate with them, although you can be a great debater, you need to prepare for important public speeches. Lee Iacocca has done that through Dale Carnegie’s public speaking training course. You need to be able to speak on the fly in any organization or company. You also need to learn how to listen to people. You need to be able to listen well in order to motivate people who work for you. Preparation for a speech in front of a large audience is very very important. You need to understand that audience or you have no business taking up that audience’s valuable time. You need to use their language when you speak rather than speak above that person.

Never be too tough on someone when they are down, if he is upset about his own failure, you run the risk of hurting him badly and taking away his incentive to improve. You need to be able to play on a team. There were smarter people who know more about cars than Iacocca, but he was able to handle people properly. People skills are what make Iacocca successful. You need to be able to talk plain and simple. The key to success is not information rather people are the key.

This is a synopsis & analysis based on Iacocca: An Autobiography and other miscellaneous research sources. Enjoy.

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