Nintendo Business Strategy Analysis for 2017 and Beyond

The following is an analysis of Nintendo’s strategic position in the marketplace. What we’re looking at here is analyzing how they performed in the past, what are the strategic challenges? What is the challenges of their industries, because they are in several industries actually if you think about it, and how can they improve the performance? So hopefully, you enjoy.


As I said, it’s a strategic analysis of the consoles and handheld devices industry with Nintendo and where it fits within that. So it’s a hardware dedicated video game platform that we’re interested in understanding. That means we’re not interested in necessarily at the core of the software, which is where Nintendo actually does really well and they sell quite a lot of licensing etc. around their products and characters. It’s not the core focus, it will be on consoles. So just give an introduction, the team here, this is the team that we had and their names are below. I’ve just kind of made everyone anonymous. Because I thought it was more appropriate to do so.

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  1. Hello Professor Nerdster

    I am writing to you, since I am really impressed by this presentation.
    Is it possible to use its content within my term paper that I am just writing in the field of organizational change and development?!

    Thank you in advance.
    Would be nice if I could have it as a PDF file.

    Best Regards

      1. Thank you and yes, Link to your page as well as mine access date and time will be mentioned.

        Can you send me the presentation that you are showing in the pictures within the post? I will name you as the author too. Especially since our course work guideline consider this point as absolutely essential.

  2. Do you have a personal email I could send questions to? I’d love to ask you more about this excellent and interesting read. Thank you!

  3. I had some follow up questions, was hoping to email you directly but I’ll leave them on here.

    1. I always hear that mobile gaming is a threat the traditional gaming, but I always thought they were two different markets actually. Is this not the case, are they actually competing for the same people?

    2. Could you get into more detail about the Disney/Nintendo comparison? As a Nintendo fan, I hope that they could reach those heights one day, but I feel like though they are both globally recognized brands, there is a huge chasm between Disney’s success and Nintendo’s success. I’d love to hear your opinions on that.

    3. This is super informal, but are you looking to hire? I’d love to help you with whatever you needed to maintain this site and this type of content. Please PM if you could use an extra hand or extra pair of eyes.

    Thank you!

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