Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Leadership & Organizational Behaviour

Leadership & Organizational Behaviour: you will have to learn about this subject. Example, you might have a CEO who has a misogynistic head engineer, or staff who are envious of the salaries of others. When shareholders visit, the CEO might screw up by allowing those visitors to roam around the company offices to discover the lousy situation for themselves. Did the CEO create his own lack of empowerment? How can one be a leader and manage with inspiration and structure? Did the CEO deluge upper management with information in order to cover herself? Most people are skeptical of whether it is possible to teach leadership. There are all kinds of ways to reward. At a plating company you could reward highly-productive employees with extra time-off and turn a blind eye to their intimidating and casual racism. This action might help keep wages lower and secure the loyalty of workers who might otherwise have left. Ethics is ever present. Wall Street perks, for example, having a free cab ride home was something that investment bankers took even if they didn’t need the perk. Those who didn’t, hated the free cab ride perk as they didn’t need it; the psychological satisfaction of employees is important. The idea of people as an individual is not useful to most business thinkers, they want militants so understanding them might seem less salient.

[This is a synopsis of several books on the MBA experience including What They Teach You At Harvard Business School by P.D. Broughton]

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