Is Star Wars Battlefront More Entertaining Than Any Of The Films?

Box Office versus XBox

The real story is the future revenue for Star War Battlefront. Dice Games has produced what appears to be a first person game that combines topnotch graphics and spectacular but violent game play with a global brand that’s about to release a highly anticipated film in 2015. We know that video games are already much more lucrative than film as of 2009. Movies are a 30 Billion dollar industry while Video Games at a 70 Billion dollar industry. Isn’t it more entertaining to be part of the story rather than passively watching a film? I believe that the film will make 1.5 Billion but this video game could make much more….and as a proxy, I use revenue to mark the entertainment value of a content. Therefeore Battlefront, quite possibly, will be more entertaining than any of the films.

video game report

Why The Next Spielberg Should Explore Video Games As An Avenue for Story Telling

  1. people like to feel part of the story;
  2. more money: you can’t easily pirate a video game whereas film is easy to pirate, they are easier to access than a movie theatre;
  3. no actor egos to sooth;


Total Star Wars Franchise Revenue$27,000,000,000
Star Wars : Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace$924,317,558
Star Wars : Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones$649,398,328
Star Wars : Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith$848,754,768
Star Wars : Episode 4 – A New Hope$775,398,007
Star Wars : Episode 5 – Empire Strikes Back$538,375,067
Star Wars : Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi$475,106,177
Star Wars : The Clone Wars$68,282,844
Total Box Office Revenue$4,277,000,000
DVD Sales$2,900,000,000
DVD Rentals$875,000,000
Kenner (1978-1985) 90 Figures / 300 Million Sold3,850,000,000
Hasbro (1995-2011) 15 Collections5,537,000,000
Other Collectables2,720,000,000
358 Published Titles / 76 Different Authors$1,820,000,000
Video Games
130 Games Released$2,900.000,000
Other Sources
Television / 4 Seasons of Clone Wars$4,500,000
Related Star Wars StatisticsData
George Lucas’ Net Worth$3.6 Billion
Random House sales from the first book release of Star Wars$200 Million
Revenue last year from games and toys$1.5 Billion

Global War & Video Games:

Dice Games is responsible for the video game above. It looks as though game developers are pushing the boundaries further with war gaming and with highly entertaining effects. Although war is not supposed to be taken lightly, games like this do aclimate players to violence which could be helpful in an alien invasion or an unfortunate proxy drone war between competting world powers. Certainly land invasions that are piloted by people sitting in their pijamas is on the horizon in our near future as a species. I hope to not be a civilian victim of a drone attack in my lifetime though, so lets work on world peace people! Interesting that Dice is Swedish.

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