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Farming Automation -> Substitution Threat to Grocery Chains

The list of threats of substitutes in the grocery store industry will soon be adding automated farming greenhouses. Imagine growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs in your backyard with precision and accuracy. FarmBot is an innovative company that gives its owner that exact ability, the ability to grow produce with ease. The implications of this kind of thinking are significant. Having a household that is not dependent on mass grocery produce may be a positive alternative to what we do now; taking advantage of the availability of the sun and the net benefits of being close to the source your food has been a trend in the developed world. Meanwhile, generally innovating in agriculture is immensely valuable. If you want to start a new company consider how much more important food is compared to so many tech centred startup ventures. As a species, we should embrace poly-crop farming in my opinion in some form or another. Of course, you’ll need to have a nice, warm climate (synthetic or nature) to grow produce in. Increasingly individuals are able to take further control of the world around them. And just as importantly plants do demand tender love and care; to be watered specifically at the unit level, which has until now taken a lot of patience to get exactly right. There is also a zombie apocalypse joke here somewhere, just waiting in the wings, if you’re not already impressed by FarmBot.