Synopsis of Thomas Friedman’s THANK YOU FOR BEING LATE

Chapter 1

We start off with some comments by the author – Thomas L. Friedman, on why he decided to become an explanatory journalist.

Many, in today’s world, believe that the more complicated they sound and behave, the more impressive they are. Breaking things down into a simple language, which can be understood and, perhaps applied, by the readers, if useful, is a more important task since most people aren’t deeply involved in academia: enter the Orwells, Gladwells and Friedmans of the world.

While driving a car at high speed might be thrilling, it is not what we would like to get habituated to. This is because we also have the tendency to keep ourselves safe and speed guarantees anything but that. Similarly, knowledge and technology may be jumping in leaps and bounds, but ethical challenges that come from new technology has a lagging day in the court.

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