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TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 12

Some people deserve to be screwed back:

For example, Trump gave money to two restaurant entrepreneurs. A year later, the owners hadn’t given him a single dollar even if these owners were making a great deal of money. Trump felt that these people had screwed him out of money for his investment. Suing them would have cost a lot of time and wasted effort given how much he gave those dudes. They knew they could get away with it. But now, Trump won’t even recognize these entrepreneurs in public.

Also, Mario Cuomo was given a lot of funding from Trump during his run as governor. Then, after Cuomo was removed from office (for hiking real estate taxes) Trump wanted some help with a simple above-board request from Cuomo. Cuomo said “NO”. Trump screamed at Cuomo for being disloyal for a proper simple request.

In addition, Pete Dockings had a charmed life. Rhodes Scholar etc. Dockings wanted a Vietnam monument in New York. Trump provided over a million dollars. Trump used the best unions he could find to help build the monument. Trump did a lot of work to make the project a success. BUT Dockings took all the credit for the creation. Later, Trump wanted some help but Dockings didn’t want to help Trump for some unknown reason.

Sometimes you have to hold a grudge.

LEARN THE POWER OF SAYING “NO”: Trump disagreed with CBS’s partnership with The Miss Universe Pagent. Trump bought the CBS out of the project. Trump had to say “NO” to CBS’s tactics which were not working. Trump took control and made sure they got back to focusing on beautiful women. Trump made a new partnership with NBC. The ratings were higher than ever and Trump created a great opportunity elsewhere with NBC.

DON’T KNOCK EVERYONE: If you attack everyone, you will lose a lot of friends. Don’t attack everyone; that is foolish. You can knock some people but never everyone.