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Wipe Outs from Sochi 2014: Pushing Your Limits Can Hurt

Wipe Outs from Sochi 2014Having bad things dealt your way is part of being human but the truly awesome always bounce back from adversity. to highlight that point, here’s a compilation of wipe outs & redemptions from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

Um, just press play & scroll……

______Press Play For Wipe Out

Hoping you feel better in a week or so.

Mogul Short Wipeout Sochi 2014

Over confident much?

Double twirl from heck 2014 Sochi

 Double twirl move, good try though!

Patrick Chan Fall 2014 Sochi

 Twirl your way to freedom. 

Oh Darn 2014 Sochi

Oh darn!

Sochi 2014 Skating

The difference between success & failure is in millimetres.


it’s all worth it for moments like these…

Throwing Your Partner Sochi 2014

Is that legal? Awesome.

Fixed IT 2014 Sochi 

Nailed it!

Spin Sochi 2014

OK, now reverse roles.

Crazy Spins Sochi 2014

Arcade Fire in the Olympics, nifty.

Snowboarder Anna Gasser Sochi 2014

Still the safest way to travel.

Nailed it all right Sochi 2014

You get flyer miles for those jumps, right?

In conclusion, 

 if you want to do anything amazing with your life, you have to take risks and fail every once in a while. There is no gain without some unfortunate pain…

Dancing Athletes Sochi 2014

….also…do The Hustle.