Lee Iacocca: Two Important Lessons

No Self-Doubts Are Permitted

If you want to be successful in business, you cannot have any self-doubts. If you are weak kneed then you could not hack it at Chrysler in the early 1980s. Like a political campaign where the candidate has mean problems, you cannot be disloyal by questioning him, you had to be smart but never give up on the project. Persistence is what gets you through the day, staying motivated and continuing to challenge yourself will make you a better person. You need to fight pessimism at every step in your day.

To Be Competent You Need to Plan Your Week Ahead 

Do weekly readings that interest you and then plan out your week ahead. This is so that by Monday morning, you are ready to hit the ground running with the goals for that week. Expect the speed of the team to be on par with the speed of the boss. It helps if you are excited about the company you are about to work for. Fail to plan, then plan to fail.

 Lee Iacocca: There Are Two Ways To Make MoneyThis is a synopsis & analysis based on Iacocca: An Autobiography and other miscellaneous research sources. Enjoy.

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