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Harry Truman: What We Can Learn From The Man From Missouri [2]

Never Complain & Work Hard: Truman’s ancestors were stubborn Scot/Irish folk. Truman’s grandmother was such a true grit that during an Indian raid, she pretended she was dead and made no sound or movement while an Indian scalped her alive. Trumans traditionally never complains about anything publicly. Even if you have many troubles, it is a mistake to let others know that you are suffering at all. The Truman’s were taught to believe that being cheerful and hopeful was a healing state of being. Missouri is where Truman’s ancestors moved to during the trek west that so many settlers had tried. Jackson County was just west of Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City was the site of the Civil war disputes. During the Union “general Order 11” was where all people were to leave from their places of residence. The union stole whatever was left behind. Truman’s family was allowed to take one wagon. They left for the Confederate side of Kansas City. None of the Truman’s had any money before John Truman (Harry’s father). His mother didn’t scare easily. They did have ambition however. Harry Truman was nearly blind as a child. He never held a grudge about that. He did not win any awards in graduation from Independence High school, and he applied for WestPoint but was rejected. John Truman wanted to get rich by investing in stocks BUT he lost everything when he was 51 years old. John had been forced to sell their houses. He never complained, as he took on a job as night watchmen for pay comparable to a farm hand. Harry Truman worked with poor construction workers (hobos) and got along well with them gaining a down to earth education. Truman worked tirelessly on his father’s farm once John had enough to invest in farming again. Harry read up on farming and was able to increase crop value per hectare by 35%. John ran a road cleaning political position, Harry disliked is father’s ambition. John Truman worked himself to death.