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Stephen Lewis on a Possible Solution to African Crisis

Possible Solutions to African Crisis

Live8 was a muzzled affair where power was the central issue. No one was there for the real reasons and no one took the problem seriously. We need to stop rejoicing over minor successes. We need to stop apologizing and start getting things organized. The betrayal of the G8 countries is no longer acceptable. Need an international UN women’s agency since the feminist dynamic is crucial. Need to begin setting serious targets for change. Need to deal with prevention and treatment. Need corporate donors. Need the millennium project village by Jeffrey Sachs which is 10 villages with every resource they could ever think of to see if they can build a successful community. It is a model and prototype. Emerging Preventative Technologies, the search for a vaccine, the AIDS virus can mutate easily. This means it will take 10 years to solve the Aids question. Sexual diseases will not be as easily transmitted with new technologies. Africa is also undergoing a brain drain. This needs to stop. Swaziland’s King has many wives and 42% of the country between 14-45 years old have HIV. African governments need more international pressure.

Stephen Lewis on Development & Short-Term Leaders

Official Development Assistance

Lewis advocates the ODA. The ODA is sourced from the G8 nations. Tony Blair called for 0.7% of GDP by the G8. Lester B. Pearson set the benchmark of 0.7% of GDP for foreign aid. Few countries have come close to that number, unfortunately. Scandinavian countries are the only countries to go beyond 0.7% GDP. The US and Japan do not come close to fulfilling the basic benchmark. Italy is unreliable. UK and France promise to meet the benchmark by 2012. Japan wanted a seat on the Security Council and needed support of the African countries at the G8. SO, Japan made a promise to double its support from their previous numbers, unfortunately Japan doesn’t contribute much at all. The US only gives 3 Billion dollar per year. Bush might double that funding.

Political Short-Term Leadership

Paul Martin will only be around for a while. Bush won’t be around in 2010. Blair will be gone as well. Most G8 leaders in 2005 will be out to pasture. Martin propounds the vitues of the policy but doesn’t achieve the goal. The responsibility will be for the next set of leaders. Promises that are not kept internationally are a serious moral failure. Lewis has not faith in the political leadership.