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Leadership Under Duress: 2 Technologies Used by Officers of the Law – Gwent

These Welsh Police officers showed real courage, professionalism and calm under true duress. In this video, the assailant refused to put his knives down, after so many requests to obey law enforcement. Follow the law, obey police officers (if you live in an advanced western democracy). The guy didn’t do that. And he even asked that they not record the situation etc. Clueless! The police are an extension of the government that we pay for as citizens.

What’s really interesting is the use of tasers and body cams; the police (who are serving their community at great personal risk) managed, through quick action, to disarm this dangerous person. While some may argue that statistically other professions are more risky (Alaskan Crab Fishing), I would argue that the kind of risk needs to be included in an stat used to evaluate risk. Stabbing death is a bit more horrendous than falling off a boat. And yes, police get compensated for their hard work and they are aware of the risk but this kind of courage is commendable. Unfortunately, taser guns do not completely incapacitate an assailant, hopefully that technology will be available soon.