Urban Barns & The Future of Agriculture

The last 100 years saw the migration of millions of people into urban centres and then some of those people moved out to suburbs. As the technology in agriculture improved, the economics of extensive land ownership made less sense every incrimental season. However, the standard of living improved incrementally generally and unlike in 1905, we are now able to do things like take a warm shower on a daily basis and get produce from another part of the globe onto our dinner plates.

Now, the natural logic of human progress pushes commercial organisations (especially in cold climates) to explore how to get quality produce to consumers more efficiently. Can it be grown locally? Florida oranges cost a lot to get over to England? Why not grow plants in a factory on your local street corner? This CBC presentation shows the future of urban agriculture and many have predicted the format, so can we expect that it will be common place in +2025? As long as there is a commercial rationale, business model/starter costs and consumer objections are addressed, expect companies like Urban Barns to grace your plate with their purple light generated produce. Probably in the next decade or two. Price & quality are going to be critical for making this more commerical than not.


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