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Bring Those You Have Defeated On Side (Sooth Their Egos): Abe Lincoln

• Bring Those You have Defeated On Side (Sooth Their Egos): Lincoln was able to create a Team of Rivals by drawing the self-interest of other politicians Seward, Bates, Stanton, Chase into his new cabinet. They all wanted his job and believed they could easily do the job better than Lincoln. He appealed to each of their desire for power to create this team. They did not feel defeated because they were part of the team. Seward had brought 2/3rd the votes from the Whig Party, he felt that Lincoln should give him what he wanted, Secretary of State. Lincoln was invited by Weed and Seward to discuss the cabinet. Hilariously, Lincoln refused to meet them. Lincoln wanted it known that decisions would unlimitedly be his alone. He gave Seward the job Seward wanted.

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