Cut Out of The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) for Crafty Minds

This Is A Cut Out Of The Eiffel Tower

Try making this really fun print-able cut out of the Eiffel Tower that kids and creative types will love no matter how young you are. Use a colour ink or jet printer at the highest quality. Print it on an A4 sized piece of paper, the thicker the better. Get some tape and scissors and you will have yourself an Eiffel Tower of your very own. It’s easy to make, use flaps to connect the pieces. To make the slits, use an exacto knife or box cutter knife.

Voila, essayez vous a construire ce vraiment amusant Tour Eiffel. Tout les enfants vont aimeront faire. Utiliser un imprimante en colour. Imprimez-le sur un morceau de papier normale. Obtenez une bande et des ciseaux et aurez une Tour Eiffel propre. It est facile a faire. Pour faire les trou, utilisez un couteax exacto.

Download Meeiffel-tower-pop-up-tour-eiffel Or print the following out>>>>

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After about 25 minutes of time, you’ll have built your very own Eiffel Tower. The final product should look like the following/ Voici le produit:


Bonne Chance! Good Luck!

Try a paper cut out of Big Ben.

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